We completely rebranded and redesigned The Data Lab Scotland.

The Data Lab is Scotland's Innovation Centre for data and AI. Their mission is to help Scotland maximise value from data and lead the world to a data powered future.


Identifying the three Pillars.

We designed unique, individual icons to support each of the three Data Lab pillars.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 22.25.52.png

Rediscovering the Os and 1s

We wanted to create a fresh new look for The Data Lab, to move them away from the Dark black backgrounds of the past, and move them in to a bright new future.

Simple identity guidelines.

a selection of key pages.

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 23.29.40.png

A Pop-Up for every occasion.

Bright, Impactful, informative.


 A new brand for a new era.

Mockups Design
Open Folder.jpg
Mockups Design
Mockups Design

 The Website

We worked with The Data Lab in-house team to to design the website, then worked with them as they developed the build.


Our initial design layouts…