Designing the the White Hat Laboratories brand.

Nothing is what it seems…

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 23.02.17 copy.jpg

twofifths original concept animations for OMNI AI

Stage one: “OMNI AI” Concepts 

Early stage one OMNI development animations in line with proprietary avatar AI. It’s Alive.

Omni data transfer…

final data transfer screens within the escape game


Piecing the identity together.


We even started to ask ourselves, are they real?

White Hat Laboratories brochure
White Hat Laboratories brochure spread
White Hat Laboratories brochure

They have all the swag.

White Hat Laboratories T-Shirts

White Hat Laboratories is a fictional Company created for the Red Bull Escape Game World Championships in London 2019.

Visit #redbullmindgamers or for more information.