Creating a national Brand & Identity, with a website to match.

In 2014 we were approached by Qwiklube, a new start-up company in the Capital, with a vision of creating the UK's first national chain of vehicle specialist servicing and performance centres.


The Q icon.

After following our process of listening, researching, and planning we used all the insight gathered from the workshops to create the Brand Marque. Qwiklube wanted a strong iconic marque that would be easily identifiable whether as a word or as an icon.

Qwiklube Logo
qwiklube colour

A splash of colour.

Colours aren't just chosen to make an identity pretty, they are crucial to how your brand is perceived. 

Yellow was chosen to represent happiness and joy. This is exactly how we wanted the Qwiklube customers to feel after their service experience.

We chose blue to be refreshing, free, and calm. This relaxing friendliness also translates into inherent trust. Dark blues are excellent in design where strength and reliability are important. We went for Trusted, Friendly and Reliable.

The final marque.

After bringing everything together, from the research, concept and planning stage, to the design of the iconic Q, and the right choice of colour, we developed the final Qwiklube identity.

qwiklube logo

"Customers often ask if we are a franchise, this is all down to the professional brand TwoFifths Design have created for us. It's exactly how we wanted to be portrayed"

Tony Dolan, Managing Director.


Your online shop window.

Qwiklube, as a service provider, required a shop window for the company. So again we listened, researched and planned, creating a website based on the user's needs and requirements.



Professional throughout.

Qwiklube has to look professional at every touchpoint, so everything from stationery to the pencils used to fill in your M.O.T certificates, are branded with the iconic Q.


qwiklube stationery

A very good sign.

As a street-side garage organisation, Qwiklube has to be seen in the blink of an eye. We worked with the Qwiklube team to develop stylish, bold, professional signage for each of the individual service centres.


signage one

Point of sale.