We created the brand and identity for Future Business Forum.


While well-established, large companies have long held advantages over smaller businesses, they now face new challenges. In today’s landscape, disruptive startups attract and retain better talent, come up with more creative solutions and can adapt quickly.

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Future Business Forum invites representatives and leaders from corporate entities to learn from, and be inspired by, innovative startups. Future Business Forum encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing between businesses of all sizes, working to each other’s strengths.


We created an identity to reflect this.


New brand identity

Future Business Forum Identity



 Thank you! I just wanted to let you know that we're really happy with all of the options and are excited to get the assets to start using them.

Anaïs Guillemaud | Marketing Coordinator

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Colours and typography

Future Business Forum Colours

Creating the brand style


 Designing the collateral

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