From witches & wizards to espionage, we rebranded them, right down to the website, all with only minutes to spare.


From its conception 4 years ago Escape has quickly become one of the worlds largest Escape Room Operators, with over 300,000 players, playing over 140 games, across 50 worldwide venues. Daniel Hill, Managing Director of Escape, is now recognised across the globe as one of the leading Escape Room Designers, so from the moment we started working with the team, we knew it was going to be a magical mystical journey.


Pen to paper, illustration to animation.


We bring still images to life.

We were first commissioned by Escape, to redesign their entire collection of websites across the group, but after working with the team from escape, and realising how much they were up for a bold new presence, we took the design a step further and redesigned the entire look and feel of the brand.

Previously Escape's game graphics were a mixture of stock images and illustrations, we created a unique new style, unseen in the industry before, elevating Escape to another level amongst the competition.


We illustrated and animated each and every game.

Escape Game Graphics
hunting park@0.5x-100.jpg

Brought to life online.

Getting back to our original brief, the website. We wanted to create a standout presence online. Focussing on the games themselves, we gave them centre stage, giving the player a real sense of what it's like to experience an Escape game.


Pushing the new brand one step further, we created a graphic animation for the header which takes you round an infinite maze of the games available to experience at Escape.


Staying social.

With such an adaptable brand style, now in place, it's easy to create any type of news or social graphic, whatever the occasion, or media, may be.


Game posters.




A magical design.

Working closer and closer every day with the creative team from Escape, we now find ourselves, not only involved in their marketing but creating some of the weird and wonderful graphics that go into creating every Escape game experience.

shields and cards from Witchcraft & Wizardry.


Dewar's experience.

Working with Escape allows us to work with a range of different brands, so we're always excited to hear who the next partner will be.

all work from john dewar & sons secret bar experience.


The Blueprints.

Creating interactive maps for Escape's newest interactive games.