We re-designed and re-developed a completely new style for DataFest19, with a website too. #DataTogether

DataFest19 is a festival of data innovation run by The Data Lab, with events hosted across Scotland. We worked with The Data Lab to develop a fresh new approach to incorporate the theme of #DataTogerher for the 2019 DataFest Conference.


working with an established Brand.

With DataFest already well known across the globe, after previously successful conferences, we worked with the marketing team to turn their #DataTogether vision in to a reality.


DataFest Conference 2019

Design of the DataFest19 Conference & Exhibition collateral.

Edinbrurgh Assembly Rooms

We created everything, from dressing the venues, to the conference presentations, right down to the giveaway stickers.

Stickers for datafest19
name badges

A helping hand to guide the brand

Due to the large amount of different stakeholders involved in DataFest, we created simple set of brand guidelines, that anyone could follow, to ensure consistency throughout all the branded collateral, whether it was one of the main events, or an individual company running a smaller fringe event.


Last but not least

After developing the new offline style, we applied it online, designing the new DataFest19 global website from the ground up.

visit it here: