Brand, logo, website, animated explainer film and collateral. We redesigned and redeveloped them all for Annotate Software.


...with a few new illustrations.

We created a library of illustrations to support all of the services offered by to their customers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 00.27.55.png

Creating the explainer film.

From storyboard to script, voice over and music, to final render, we created a simple engaging explainer film to communicate the annotate product to their target audience.


creating the storyboard

to developing THE ASSETS


Click below to watch the final film.

smarter document collaboration that works for the digital workplace


Redesigning the website.

With the new visual style in place, we completely redesigned the website to bring it in-line with the new brand.

To make this process as simple, and understandable for the client as possible, we created the entire website as a prototype within Adobe XD to demonstrate how the website would function before it was passed to the annotate in-house development team to be built. You can see the new website here:

a selection of pages from the new website design

annotate home page
Annotate Departments & Industries-1.jpg
Annotate Departments & Industries.jpg
Annotate Resources.jpg

The white paper.

To support the launch of the new brand, logo and website, we redesigned all of the existing collateral to bring it in-line with the new brand style guidelines.

Annotate brochure

Quick reference guides.

As part of the website, we create a series of quick reference guides to help the user understand the application.